MLB Trades Network Map

Took a little break from the book to create a new infographic on trades between major league baseball teams over the last 100+ seasons, from 1901-2012. Network maps are often put to use analyzing and depicting connections within a social network like Twitter or Facebook, but can be used in many other instances, as this example shows.

The key concepts in network maps are nodes and edges; nodes are the connection points in a network (the teams in this case), while edges are the connections between nodes, showing a level of activity or connectedness (number of trades in this case). Have a look:

Network maps are often among the most elegant data visualizations, bordering on the artistic while still providing insight into the underlying data. In some cases, the maps are interactive, making them even more useful. At some point, I’ll offer some of those up, but in the meantime, take a look at the work of Jan-Willem Tulp and Jerome Cukier. These guys are creating some of the best work I’ve seen, highlighted by Tulp’s voting display from the 2012 Dutch elections, and Cukier’s interactive Paris Metro display. Fantastic work!

To view or download a PDF of the MLB trades graphic, click here.

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