A New Post! And a New Book!

Realize I haven’t posted in over a month, but think I have a legit excuse, beyond the usual spring busy-ness with soccer, baseball, kendo, etc. I’ve been spending lots of time on a book project (not the baseball book) about Gephi and network visualization. The book should be out later this summer, giving me two books to be released in 2013.

Gephi is a terrific open source project focused on creating network graphs, the sort you often see with social network data. Basically, you have nodes that represent a person or other entity, coupled with lots of connections (edges) to other nodes. Sounds simple, but the possibilities are almost endless.

Network graphs have become one of the top visualization categories over the last 5-10 years, and Gephi enables users to create them without having to do a lot of coding or other customization. However, it does provide loads of options that allow for very complex and fascinating graphs that can be deployed as either static or interactive web projects.

Currently working on chapter 3 (of 7, plus an appendix), and can’t wait to see the final book. Stay tuned.

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Ken Cherven is the Founder and Curator of the Visual-Baseball.com website. He loves to merge baseball data with all sorts of visualization methods - charts, network graphs, maps, etc. to provide greater insight into underlying data patterns. Ken also authors books about baseball and visualization, and loves to listen to jazz while drinking some wine, craft beer, or bourbon.