Birthplace Mapper – Work in Progress

After turning to Google Earth, I wasn’t pleased with the results, so I came back to Leaflet, worked a bit harder to figure it out, and found a great implementation to inspire me. My in process example is here – birthplace mapper. What this example does is to cluster the birthplace markers based their geographic proximity, separating and re-clustering them as you drill up or down.

This is really early in the process, as I plan to add more information to the markers, as well as fixing the ones that don’t currently display – mostly from outside the US, where state information may be absent. Still, the potential for this is high, and makes for a much better navigational experience than the Google Earth version I was working on. Try it out!

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Ken Cherven is the Founder and Curator of the website. He loves to merge baseball data with all sorts of visualization methods - charts, network graphs, maps, etc. to provide greater insight into underlying data patterns. Ken also authors books about baseball and visualization, and loves to listen to jazz while drinking some wine, craft beer, or bourbon.