It's Upgrade Week!

Why stop with one major software upgrade when you can do three the same week? Right on the heels of moving from SpagoBI 3.6 to 4.0 for my Analysis Lab, I just upgraded the Collections portion of the Visual-Baseball site with the latest version of Omeka. As luck would have it, my old, heavily customized theme no longer works with the new version. Not to worry! Thanks to the power of CSS, I was able to tweak a new theme in an hour or two to get approximately the same look and feel. In fact, the new look may be slightly improved. Check it out at VBP Collections.

Here’s a screenshot of the updated Collections site:

The third and final upgrade for the week is the latest version of Orange, one of my favorite stats and visualization tools. Version 2.7 has a completely new look and feel in addition to some nw capabilities. Of course, with Orange residing on my desktop and not the web, this was the easiest and least risky of the three upgrades, but one that I’ve been looking forward to for several months.

I’ll soon report back on the new version of Orange with a walk through on the feature set and the all new GUI. And just maybe I’ll go a few weeks without any further upgrades, but don’t bet your life savings on it!

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Ken Cherven is the Founder and Curator of the website. He loves to merge baseball data with all sorts of visualization methods - charts, network graphs, maps, etc. to provide greater insight into underlying data patterns. Ken also authors books about baseball and visualization, and loves to listen to jazz while drinking some wine, craft beer, or bourbon.