Octavio Dotel Network Draft 2

A few days ago I shared a post about creating a network graph detailing the many travels of former Tigers pitcher Octavio Dotel in his Major League Baseball career – 13 franchises over a 15 season span. I now have a live graph on my website, complete with a search box, hover capabilities, and easy clicking on links to narrow the graph to a manageable number of nodes.

Gephi provides the base functionality for the network creation and the excellent Sigma-js plugin converts the original network to a highly interactive web-based one. All I have to do is get the data into Gephi, choose a suitable algorithm, and maybe tinker a bit with the style settings in Sigma, and presto! a slick graph is created. Here’s a static look, but to really appreciate the beauty of the interaction, navigate to the Dotel visualization. The live version lets you mouse scroll to resize the image so you can zoom in for greater detail, in addition to the other navigation functions already mentioned. I’m not done yet, as some more data elements are coming, but the basic look and feel should remain unchanged. Enjoy!

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Ken Cherven is the Founder and Curator of the Visual-Baseball.com website. He loves to merge baseball data with all sorts of visualization methods - charts, network graphs, maps, etc. to provide greater insight into underlying data patterns. Ken also authors books about baseball and visualization, and loves to listen to jazz while drinking some wine, craft beer, or bourbon.